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As well as standard chess you can play the following chess variants on WyeSoft Chess:


1 of 960 possible Chess960 openings 1 of 960 possible Chess960 openings 1 of 960 possible Chess960 openings

In Chess960 the positions of the pieces on the first and eighth ranks are randomised, but mirror each other. There are two rules that the randomisation must follow; the king must be between the two rooks and the bishops must be on opposite-coloured squares. There are 960 possible combinations for the opening, hence the name Chess960.

When castling the king and castling rook's destination squares are exactly the same as in standard chess, regardless of their starting positions. The conditions that must be met to castle are also the same as in standard chess, except that different squares need to be clear depending on the king and rook's starting positions.

Click here for more information on Chess960


Upside-Down Chess

Upside-Down Chess opening

In Upside-Down Chess the black and white pieces are switched so that all the pawns are one step away from being promoted.

Note: You can only move the knights in your first move.


Upside-Down 2

Upside-Down 2 opening

Upside-Down 2 is the same as Upside-Down Chess except that the pawns start two steps away from promotion.


The Pawns Game

Pawns Game opening

In the Pawns Game (also known as Endgame Chess), each player only starts with a king and 8 pawns (in their usual starting positions). All the standard chess rules apply, including pawn promotion and en passant.



Weak! opening

In Weak! black starts with a king, seven knights and sixteen pawns. White starts with the usual pieces.


The Knight's Tour

The Knight's Tour

The Knight's Tour is a mathematical puzzle in the form of a singleplayer chess variant, involving just a single knight. The aim is to move the knight around the board, visiting each square once and only once.

Completing the puzzle on a square attacking the square you started on is called a closed tour. Finishing on any other square is called an open tour.

Click here for more information on Knight's Tour

Knight's Tour can currently only be played via the web-based interface.




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